Our Team

Give us a call at the salon on 07 855 5550 to talk to our friendly team about your next cut, colour or wedding hairstyle.

Sharon Reid founded Style Hairdressing in 2006.

Since then Sharon has been the guiding force behind the business that has been a constant at the Rototuna Shopping Centre.

Sharon is an accomplished hairdresser in her own right. Having stepped down from the front ranks of haircutting and colouring during her time at Style, Sharon now operates in a support role in the salon. With this support role she can concentrate her efforts over the entire salon, lending help to any client whenever they may need it and also having great product knowledge.


Renee has a serious passion for hair and fashion.

With 17 years experience in the industry focused on cutting, colouring, hair-ups, blow/waving and hair extensions she not only has the experience to transform the way her clients look and feel but has an understanding of sophisticated and contemporary styles. “Hairdressing is a passion for me, meeting new people on a daily basis in making them look and feel good is such a great feeling”

Renee spent part of her career in the UK gaining valuable experience and also learning advance cutting and colouring techniques. On returning home to the Waikato, Renee has been the Salon Manager at Style Hairdressing for 8 Years.

Renee keeps her clients up to date with current trends in the industry, always making sure they have the right style to suit them and their lifestyle. Creating new and exciting looks is something she has a natural talent for “Being able to look at a client’s face shape, hair texture and decide with the client what will suit their needs”, but also specializes in corrective work whether colouring or cutting, Renee has the knowledge of what she needs to do, to achieve the desired result

In her own words: "Hair is such an important part of the way we feel and represent ourselves, It is my pleasure to create a style that makes you feel and look great"


Shalane is a master senior stylist with 12 years experience, she is originally from London where she did her Trade Cert and has lived in New Zealand for 10 years.

Shalane loves creating styles for her clients that are easy to maintain and suit their personality and everyday routine. She also specializes in blow-waving and has regular weekly blow-wave clients

She has a strong and loyal clientele because she has an open and honest relationships with them. She specializes in advanced colouring and cutting and is passionate about blow-waving and styling.

"I have built a great relationship with my clients and look forward to seeing them in the salon each day"


Jade has been in the industry for 10 years.

She enjoys every aspect of hairdressing but is especially passionate about modern colour trends, cuts and styling. With an eye for detail, she loves nothing more then to help transform her clients, whether its a trendsetting new look or a nod to the classics.

I have a quote that I have always believed in and has really spoken to my own perception of what I can do for people.......

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life " Coco Chanel



Pam is our passionate stylist oozing creativity.

She is an artist in her spare time, her flare for hair ups, styling and colour work is an extension of her natural artistic talent and reflects her individuality.

A confident stylist in all aspects of her craft, Pam has an eye for detail and loves nothing more then for her clientele to feel comfortable, fabulous and unique.

"For me Hairdressing is a way to express myself without words"



The lovely Georgia is our assistant.

Georgia has an interest in current hair trends and is bursting with fresh, new ideas. She is confident in styling and is excited to bring her own unique perspective to the salon.